Can Kool Aid Powder Go Bad (2024)

1. Can Kool-Aid go bad? | AnandTech Forums

  • Oct 27, 2008 · Yes, Kool-Aid goes bad after water has been added to it and it has been consumed by an animal.

  • just as the title says its mainly sugar so yeah can it go bad...i really want some kool-aid but the container is old as hell

2. Understanding the Shelf Life of Powdered Drink Mixes | Storage Tips

Understanding the Shelf Life of Powdered Drink Mixes | Storage Tips

3. The Kool-Aid fiasco [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

  • Apr 4, 2005 · I guess it isn't sold in the UK. It's a powdered drink mix. One packet of powder and some sugar can flavor two liters of water. TravisNewman.

  • So earlier today, we finished out the pitcher of kool-aid, and made another. When we got home from watching Sin City (fantastic, by the way), we went to the kitchen for some kool-aid. Upon pouring the glass of kool-aid, we realized it was very clear. I thought that maybe I didn't shake it well enough, and that since it was sitting there for hours, it had just kinda solidified in the bottom. We tried stirring it, but it was too clumpy to mix. So we poured that out and cleaned the pitcher, and

4. [PDF] How long is food safe to eat after its sell- by date has passed?

5. Can Kool-Aid Jammers Expire? > OffTopic | Forums -

  • Missing: powder | Show results with:powder

  • Disrespect/Hate Speech

Can Kool-Aid Jammers Expire? > OffTopic | Forums -

6. Why do Kool-Aid packets say "Do not store in Metal Container?"

  • Oct 7, 2003 · The other trouble, as I found out ages ago when I was still a model citizen and a boy scout, is that just as the metal will flavor the Kool Aid, ...

  • So the other day I was mixing up some Cherry Kool-Aid and noticed, yet again, that it says "Do not store in metal container" and that it advises to use plastic instead.What would happen? Would the Kool-Aid man come out and kick my ass for doing so?

7. Kool-Aid Combinations - Smashboards

  • May 22, 2011 · 3 Packets make up a gallon, so I can either do two or three different flavors. ... go with strawberry and black cherry...i wish ... Im always wrong ...

  • Alright, Midwest. So I just bought a whole lotta Kool-Aid packets and feel like doing some testing. Last time I made Kool-Aid, like a month ago, I mixed two grape packets and an orange and it was AMAZING. So now I'm thinking "why just two??". I'm thinking about mixing three different Kool-Aid...

Kool-Aid Combinations - Smashboards

8. Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Powdered Drink Mix Case - FoodServiceDirect

  • Ready-to-use drink mix · Instant dissolve mix · Sugar sweetened · 0 g trans fat · 0 mg cholesterol · Kosher certified · Gluten free · Shelf life: 450 days ...

  • The Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Powdered Drink Mix is a refreshing, ready-to-use mix. The product comes pre-sweetened, and just needs to be mixed with water. Whether it is a frozen drink, a beverage, or a dessert, the tropical punch drink mix can be used with great results. The bulk pack of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch is ideal for food trucks, dessert parlors, and delis.

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Powdered Drink Mix Case - FoodServiceDirect
Can Kool Aid Powder Go Bad (2024)
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