How Much Does Grifols Pay for Plasma? (up to $800/mo!) - MoneyPantry (2024)

How Much Does Grifols Pay for Plasma? (up to $800/mo!) - MoneyPantry (1)If you have a Grifols plasma donation center near you and have thought about donating plasma, the first question in your mind is likely “How much does Grifols pay for plasma?

I’ll tell you a little anecdote about my Grifols experience and the benefits of plasma donation.

First of all, congratulations for considering donating plasma in the first place. Personally, I think that anyone willing to partake in such a feat is braver than I am.

One time, I tried to donate plasma at a local Grifols despite my trypanophobia, a technical term for a fear of needles. Seeing how afraid I was, the staff member wouldn’t let me donate. I was disappointed I couldn’t make any money, but at least I didn’t get pricked with a needle, ha! ha!

Okay, enough about me.

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  • Your plasma helps injured or sick patients.
  • It’s simpler than other side hustles like delivery jobs and house cleaning. (Provided that you’re not scared of needles like yours truly.)
  • Plasma donation is suitable for introverts.
  • You receive payment within 24 hours.

Search for your nearest Grifols by going to the Find a Donation Center page and inputting your zip code or state.

That said, I want to let you know that Grifols donation centers fall under four different names including:

  • Talecris Plasma Resources
  • Plasma Care
  • IBBI
  • Biomat USA

(Just an FYI.)

From 2007 to 2019, over 53 million Americans donated plasma. You can be part of this statistic (and be part of the solution) by donating to your local Grifols. If you’re asking, “How much does Grifols pay for plasma?” view the below payment procedures for new and returning donors.

Grifols Information and Pay Schedule for First-Time Donors

If you’re a new donor, Grifols requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • Pass a medical exam
  • Be in good health
  • Weigh 110 lbs. or more
  • Be 18 to 69 years old
  • Have proof of address on hand
  • Bring Social Security card and Photo ID

Table of Contents

Grifols Plasma Pay for First Time Donors

Once you complete your first donation, you’ll receive $50, which is transferred to a reloadable debit card. You have to return for your second donation within a six-month period because the staff needs to make sure your plasma is suitable for patients.

When everything checks out, you’re welcome to visit up to eight to nine times a month. (This translates to twice a week.)

Grifols Plasma Pay Chart for Returning Donors

The amount of money you make per month depends on how often you visit and what your local Grifols charge per donation. With that said, you can earn up to $90 per donation and up to $800 a month. In addition, you might receive bonus money after your fifth or sixth donation.

And the money you receive isn’t limited to your personal uses. Grifols allows donors to give their earnings to their favorite charity. Talk about being humanitarian in more ways than one.

Want an easier way to keep track of your compensation and donations?

Grifols has an app for that: the Grifols Plasma Donor Hub. (You can use the desktop version, too.)

Besides tracking past donations and payments, the Grifols Plasma Donor Hub lets you update your profile, receive alerts from your local center, and even get information about bonus offers.

To access the Donor Hub, you need to obtain a special registration number from your local donation center.

In addition, Grifols offers a program for donors with specialty plasma.

What exactly is specialty plasma?

It’s a type of plasma containing certain antibodies like:


Donors who recently had rabies vaccinations possess antibodies that can save someone afflicted with rabies.


If you’re Rh negative — meaning that your blood lacks Rh protein — a staff member can collect it to create an anti-D immunoglobin vaccine. They give it to Rh-negative pregnant mothers to help protect their babies from dying from Rh incompatibility.


You can really help others if you recently received a tetanus vaccine (or if it’s been over a decade since you received one). Your plasma can aid someone suffering from lockjaw, a common symptom of tetanus.

Anti-Hepatitis B

Donors who had their Hepatitis B shots can donate their plasma to aid Hepatitis B patients.

The specialty plasma service availability varies from center to center, so ask a staff member about it.

Final Words

If you’re not squeamish about needles, donating plasma is a great way to make a quick buck while helping those who need it most. And considering how much Grifols pays for plasma, it is a good donation center to go with!

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How Much Does Grifols Pay for Plasma? (up to $800/mo!) - MoneyPantry (2024)


How much does Grifols pay you to donate plasma? ›

A qualified donor can donate plasma twice in every 7 days period at the most. You will receive up to $70 per donation. If you wish, you may donate your compensation to charitable organizations and receive a tax receipt.

Can you really make $900 donating plasma? ›

If you are looking for an easy side hustle with the potential to earn up to $900 in the first month, I highly recommend donating plasma at BioLife Plasma. Plus, it's a great way to give back to your community and make a difference. READY TO LEARN MORE? DON'T FORGET YOUR ID!

Who's paying the most for plasma right now? ›

If you're looking to donate plasma and get a good payout, CSL Plasma and BioLife are at the top of the pay scale. CSL could net you up to $1,000 for first-time donations, while BioLife might offer up to $900 in the first month. For updated info, visit United Society Donations.

How much does Biomat pay returning donors? ›

Biomat USA's exact donor compensation varies by location, but it generally pays $150 to $300 per month for regular plasma donations. You'll earn somewhere between $40 and $75 for each donation.

How much money do you get back for donating plasma? ›

When you donate to a plasma collection center such as CSL Plasma, you can make $100 with your first donation and up to $500 during your first month as a new donor.

How much does biomat pay for plasma on Reddit? ›

The Biomat place on Wellborn is currently paying $100 per donation for new donors. After you're no longer a “new donor” (after like 3 or 4 donations) it changes to a 40/80 schedule. Meaning your first donation of the week you get $40, 2nd donation of the week you get $80, resets on Sunday of each week.

How to earn $1000 donating plasma? ›

Paid plasma collection in the U.S. can bring $30 to $70 per donation. With incentives, some people can make $400 or more per month. Committed repeat donors who give at the maximum, twice-a-week frequency can sometimes earn up to $1,000 a month, depending on the plasma center.

Do you get $100 every time you donate plasma? ›

In the United States, compensation for donating plasma can vary depending on the donation center and location. On average, donors can receive between $20 to $50 per donation session. Some centers may offer promotional deals for new donors or extra compensation for frequent donations.

Can you lose weight donating plasma? ›

People burn around 500 calories1 from a blood or plasma donation as the body uses energy to replace the donation.

Is Grifols plasma legit? ›

All Grifols plasma centers are licensed and regulated by the FDA and other international agencies.

Does Grifols have a referral bonus? ›

If you refer one to three donors in a given month, you will earn $25 per referred donor. What happens if I refer four to six donors? If you refer four to six donors in a given month, you will earn $35 per referred donor.

How much will I make my first time at CSL plasma? ›

As a new donor, you can receive over $700* your first month.

How much do Grifols pay for donating plasma? ›

On average, Grifols donors can earn about $400 a month by donating plasma the maximum number of times over a 30-day period. Each Grifols donate plasma center has its own unique compensation structure. You can call or visit the Grifols in your area to get location-specific information on payment.

Does Grifols drug test new donors? ›

No, they do not drug test donors, only employees. They ask for a urine sample on your first visit to check your glucose and proteins levels. Yes. All donors have a medical exam including drug screening.

Does Grifols have a rewards program? ›

The more you donate plasma, the higher your reward level will be and the more compensation you will receive. How do I become a member of the Super Hero Rewards Program? Anyone who gives plasma after January 1, 2017 at any Grifols facility is automatically enrolled as a member of the Super Hero Loyalty Program.

How often can you donate plasma Grifols? ›

Following normal daily nutrition and proper water intake, the body can replenish the plasma proteins and fluid taken at each donation within 24-48 hours. For this reason, the FDA authorizes plasma donation up to two (2) times within a seven (7) day period, provided that there is at least one day between donations.

What happens if you donate plasma three times a week? ›

Some people who donate plasma on a regular basis may experience changes in their hematocrit (percentage of blood volume occupied by red blood cells) and/or serum protein content.

Is donating plasma worth it? ›

“This is one of the highest hourly wages you can earn without any experience. You're making $50 in a 90-minute period. That's a really high wage for somebody who makes $15,000 a year,” said Gallagher, whose study, co-authored by John Dooley of Olin Business School at Washington University in St.

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