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the monkey van's western nations, the us policy, is failing to bring a 2 state solution any closer. the hello, i'm layla rock. this is the news our life from joe coming up in the next 60 minutes is really forces bomb a you, when school and central guys that were palestinians were seeking refuge. at least 40 people have been killed in the us and 16 other countries issue a joint statements urging israel and from us to reach a ceasefire in garza. and more than 100 people killed in 2 das, which is 0 states with us to see the parent military rapids support forces attacked a village. and we visited

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a make shift camp in indonesia where thousands are seeking shelter during a volcanic eruption and peace of statements with your school to just be on tech remains on calls for a full franchise entitled will. the feats cook a golfing straight, so it's to reach the final as well. in general us the, it's $1500.00 g m t and we begin in central gaza. where is really forces have bombed to you and school and a residential building. and the a new side of the refugee camp going at least 40 people will the how to be one agency for palestinian refugees, says 6000 forcibly displaced. people were sheltering in that very school when it was hips without any warning, thought about zoom begins our coverage of the austin. this is very strong on that. you on run school sheltering thousands of display stumps. thing in

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in central garza, dozens of people have been reported killed from the bombardments in the most i right camp and many more up injured residential home was also hits. room opened when i woke up to the screams of women and 2 toned body parts. one woman lost 2 or 3 children, people who lost every one. the ox, the hospice of what people are being treated is at 3 times its capacity and a fee, as will lead to move that with many of the injured be treated on the floor. plan to see within the move of the hospital and within the department that that the vast majority of casualties and victims on children, women, elderly people, ok, so hospitalized and only functioning medical facility in central garza. i don't know if they have the so is this a state terrorism? israel is targeting the you and institutions. israel violated all international

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lawyers, crusty old, the red lines, passivity, 6 years. the palestinians have been appealing to the whole world with no response. were you in resolutions implemented on all other countries except is right. this is joelle to it is support procedure destroyed because part of a really huge is very minute trip ration. so central guns that has killed more than 70 people since tuesday, attacks on civilian facilities like the schools have been hallmarks of as well as well in going for more than 300 education centers have been destroyed. it's more than 36000 people have been killed. $16000.00 of them. children with the discourse, they're rising. tarika best suited elgin's and him to hold a went to the school where many palestinians are so sheltering after those overnight is rarely strikes. it was 1 38 in the morning when the is ready for us

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is targeted this classroom in a 30 school in the site that refuge account that is ready for us to start getting this cool. well, definitely 3 airstrikes, one below menache muscle. where could we go? there was no refuge for us. the schools targeted before and now again, but we have nowhere to go. they said shelters safe, so we came here, but it turns out to be unsafe. the smell is undescribable where as you see, the blood of the people who are killed is everywhere on the floor, on their mattresses, on their pillows, their clothes please. 5 children were killed among those despite the fact that this school has been targeted with at least 3 airstrikes last night. here on the other side are still, how does the meantime it is still sheltering in the school?

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or because they believe that there is no, we're safe and gaza, which is in love. yes, we're still here. we're staying. where else can we go everywhere? it's targeted, so we're not leaving everywhere else, but the school, this is a un building and it's not supposed to be targeted, but it was even schools are not safe for palestinians. this school, these classrooms were targeted with at least 3 air strikes last night. it was 138 when the is ready, i mean targeted those classrooms with these 3 airstrikes, children, women, and all of the people displaced here was telling me how horrifying the scenes work . yeah, it was odd when i had had not been in the can to find a solution, at least, and the war to spare all his blood. they both turn our hearts visa, our children. they've keeps them away from us. they are killing us. this

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was a shelter for hundreds and thousands of palestinians who thought a school would be safe for them. but despite the fact that the school was targeted, palestinians chose to stay here because they believe that there is no place safe in gaza. this is in the city, i just need a, a surgery school and it said refuge account garza palestine. all 17 countries including the united states and the u. k. have released a joint statement, calling on israel and from us to do whatever is necessary to agree on a gaza cease fire deal. all the proposal would also secure the release of captives held in god. so let's get you reaction now from the us. let's try and find out more about this, a pushed by the, by the administration. but before we do that, our official joyce is now from washington dc. but before i ask him about that,

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i want to ask you about a development set. so just come in right now, we understand that the state department has issued new sanctions on a group called lines and that tends to operate out of nablus. they have been active according to the state department over the last few years, particularly targeting is really settlers. they say they've been responsible for the number of drive by shootings and also targeting is really check points. but if you speak to anyone on the ground run novelist, they will tell you that lines dan is a very small organization, is essentially a handful of young men who katia operations at firing weapons at the i. i targets. i don't have a great deal of money, so the idea that they're being sanctioned isn't a huge operation. but of course it comes after the united states a nice that would be sanctioning at settlers on the west bank because of those targeting palestinians. and they are quite extensive sanctions and the impact quite

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a number of people who have a number of assets in the united states. so some people would suggest that this is perhaps acting as a sweetener to israel because of the sanctions that are being deposed on those secular groups and settler factions over the last several months. right, so a symbolic a move um let's talk about the, the, the, the statement issued by the west, a 16 to other countries. um, urging israel from us to reach us east fire and gaza. what do you make of this? is the white house trying to up the ante here? what? what more can you tell us? this is all about the year, the us just pressure campaign that the got the 16 other nations who have had people who are either captive in guys or have been captive in guys a to sign onto this as that to the fight. the united states is currently working on a un resolution, which just both sides to come to a cease. why a deal. you can see that this is a full diplomatic press by the united states on both israel and thomas. what is

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interesting, of course, is that we were told that this was an there's really deal. but if you look at the way the statement is what that does. a couple of things they have that suggest the israel isn't quite on board with all of this. the israel is ready to move forward and begin the process of releasing us citizens at that send the statement. but what they also say is that we call on the leaders of israel as well, a promise to make what as our final compromises are necessary to close this deal. so that is an acknowledgement. the benjamin netanyahu is under pressure from elements as far right elements in his own coalition. government who said that if he signs any deal that is like this, then they would collapse the government, which of course would mean an election. and perhaps benjamin netanyahu facing criminal charges at some point in the very near future. and so that is that right, jaime, over them. but the united states, the saying, look, you've got to put the side of the course of mazda is under pressure from the united

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states. and they've been talking to people who have connections with some us in the middle east are taking them to, of course, agreed to this the spot of deal. so you can see that joe biden, politically, it is under a great deal of pressure in the united states with the election just what 5 months, a way to move this issue because is definitely halting them with voters. and so this is why we're seeing this full diplomatic price by the united states trying to get both israel itemized together. it's a like trying to pull a cords together and almost getting it via the united states realizes it's almost done. but they're not quite there yet. not quite there yet to alan fisher reporting from washington dc. thank you so much. and that is really government that has bound alger 0 from reporting there. so a sort of higher ed joyce's now from neighboring jordan. so i thought i want to get

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your reaction. the reaction from the leadership in israel to this call to move ahead with a ceasefire us yeah, that's right. so mean we haven't heard anything official from these re, liza toilets today in the sense of the sci fi. we have been hearing lots of tools such and the from the northern a chief come on that. so we've been shots from the minute streets of the northern front when it comes to white thing has been law with him actually saying that they are ready for potential war against the rain in a box group in lebanon. but when it comes to the see spot, israel has maintained its yes it is that proposal that so no one to stop the war until it gets rid of hum us. and this is the sticking point. it seems because how must in a, in a statement. so right into view with royce is the news agency, one of the senior official says that how much welcome to what they called a bite in deal. and he says up,

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but there's no mention of that in that us documents of ending the aggressions or withdrawal. the israel's proposal is open ended and there's no deadline. and that is the key. you have phase one, which is 6 weeks that would guarantee that it's part of sydney and prisoners are released in exchange for how muscle is not meant to hide group in gaza to release those are held captive. but that's the key because during that time, according to this proposal that was put forward by the usa, all meant to discuss getting to phase number 2. and phase number 2 would mean the ending of the will in exchange for the remaining cap, says, which would be a, sorry, is riley sold just for example up. but that's also and also including those that have been killed. so bodies up before they get to the post will stage, which is stage number 3, and for how much not having that deadline is seems to be the problem injection, sol says are saying, but they have been trying to get to

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a point where they can at least get both sides to agree such and they will not sus space. they're in meetings at the moment in how they started on wednesday. between the us cats are as well, which is one of them. main needs as well as the egyptians. but it seems so far based on these egyptian soul says they haven't got any when it comes to convincing the decides to take the steel. so how about the reporting from amman? jordan, thank you so much for the update. and a reminder again, benjamin netanyahu, whose account it has bound l, g 0 in israel, and that's why we're reporting from a neighboring jordan. i would like to welcome out on the steps here with me is still talking about how to use the professor of public policy at a mazda been highly thought university and enjoys me here on the set, as i said, a very warm welcome. now, um, as we just heard out on the fisher reporting uh, the binding restoration is facing increasing pressure over its garza a policy. what you make of this latest efforts to pressure both sides to get the

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ceasefire over the finishing line. well, the actually putting a lot of diplomatic pressure more on how much they're doing on israel. this is the 3rd group of countries that come out in the last weeks is by then announced his plan in on the 31st of may. at 1st came the g 7, then they supported the time, then data by messages from the gulf and egypt and jordan. they came out and supported the plan. and now we have this group of countries who have 2 characteristics and amongst them. one is that the majority have a jewel citizens and amongst the captives, but also some of them are the strongest supporters of praise, riley to the countries like austria united states and i to kick them poland. so in this, this, for this last group, this 3rd wave, if you like, for them i think pressure, it seems as if they know something that's how miles doesn't knowing the agreement.

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or there is something about the agreement that the details is known to them, which i doubt. and i think a lot of this is just for my tech support to support the united states. they're all dancing to that you and then i states without knowing exactly how is this brian going to be implemented in the let's or by uh for washington. it says very clearly that this will lead to me just as fire will lead to there have limitation of guys under security for as well. but it doesn't go into the details of how is going to be implemented. and as you can imagine undermined of how much the only issue is, how are we going to to have this guaranteed implemented? how would it actually lead to an ultimate end of this war? they, they're not interested. i don't think in entering a process of negotiation with israel after the release of the 1st wave of, of hostages. because simply by releasing some, they will give out a lot of information about where the remaining are. they will weaken their hand is

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significantly so from that perspective they want to see an enter is often not interested in entering processes. but so far, all this does is just adding diplomatic pressure. countries are falling behind the united states, calling for a mass to accept disagreement without really specifying the details for it. now as this diplomatic push, it continues or without a result at the moment when a focus also a little bit on the, on the flash point to the north 11 on israel. we do, we've seen a has one is real exchange fire across the border. how likely is it it's, is there a chance that we could see an all out war breakouts because we've seen an optic in these exchanges? i personally think it's unlikely stim, i think is ryan has lost the traditional deterrence. it used to use with lab and then over the years, and that is if we have and his chemistry is, if you could not soldiers, if you do this, we will hit you hard,

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then we go as far as bailout. they cannot do this now with the cut and as must be of an internationally. and the positions everybody's calling probably seems 5. so it's very unlikely that they will go as far as hitting 11 and hard enough for them to, to determine these since coverage is the only option in front of them is to continue to do small x changes a fire. and this is the, what's been going on since the 7th of october, practically. but as you know, there are members of the war cabinets, and that's now his comment for egging him on to, to go and take the 5 to if you want to commit suicide. and you know, very terrible, i mean the political suicide and so on. you would do it. i don't think, i don't think is that that formation. you don't, you don't see that that helps on his interest. yes. and obviously the nothing is interest is his interest isn't maintaining the state as a for me to keep him in the office and that is happening with in gaza. his interest isn't like trying to build as much support among his uh,

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cabinet. and that is kind of going on because of guys i think taking the increasing the temperature to our level where the tax 7 and the substantive way and then be at the receiving end of how much has what allows ms aisles. i think that to be a big mistake. all right, so dunbar got a professor of public policy at the mazda and the holly university. thank you so much. thank us. and we are getting news that is really forces have killed, at least to palestine. news during an operation in on the are janine refugee camp in the occupied west back and the videos to show or arm at vehicles and bulldozers moving along roads towards the camp. while helicopters can be heard firing from above palestinian fighters engineer and say they are engaged with is really forces at least 7 palestinians have been injured.

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the world leaders have gathered in norman dates and mark 80 years since the western allied invasion of nazi occupied franz. us or soldiers commemorated today by re enacting the landing of the beaches of normandy. a few veterans of the battle were also as a ceremony. some of them are within 100 years old, drawing parallels to world war to us presidential by urge to unity defense of europe. united states and nato. nicole let no more than 50 countries. stand strong when you crate. we will not walk away the

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subject. a lot of their ukraine's neighbors will be thrown. oh dear, i will re thread and make no mistake. the autocrats of the world are watching closely to see what happens ukraine. to say we let this illegal aggression go and check. we can not let that happen. at our correspondence, the tasha butler is at sword beach in normandy, maybe 860000 allied troops landed on the beaches here in normandy, 80 years ago. the french person emanuel mike raul is presiding over a number of commemorations over events. he's been meeting some veterans, so i'm gonna send him to paul to day. they're in the ninety's, they're more than a 100 years old. he said this sacrifice was never be forgotten. us present, joe biden has also said the same as he pay tribute and met some us veterans has

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made it here close the land said to be here on this occasion, sharing some of the emotional stories with joe biden, a barge, and also used a speech at the us memorial here in normandy to talk about ukraine. he said, we'll come back to europe off to all these decades. and that's absolutely unacceptable. then he said that it was important to west than allies continued to support. ukraine continued to try. i'd be on the slide to freedom and the tyranny. he also criticized a russia for its invasion. or if you create any talks about the fact, the nato was born of to world war 2. he said no to do anything to support ukraine, would be to be looking away. i know the dimensions of the pulse when in terms of ukraine, the president of ukraine followed him, is lensky, is here. he is a guest of on, at this commemoration invited by the french person by the at least say, paul is not invited though, is of russian prices and floods him a food and no russian delegation. i the that because of most goes war in ukraine.

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it would be inappropriate to have a russian presence says the least, se latasha butler, i'll just say era. normally the fonts and barrier trachtenberg is the reuben presidential chair of jewish history at waking forest university. and he joins us now from winston salem in the united states. so welcome to l, just 0, sir. what is the significance of this a d d anniversary from a diplomatic standpoint of the bill that example and the d day celebrations, corporations are very much about pressing the war against russia and part of the defense of ukraine. what i was struck by in the comments of joe biden, though, what was what he said, that autocrats are watching closely what happens in ukraine. and he's making the case that at the united states and other western nations,

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they'll come to cranes defense. it gives a green light to, to russia, to pursue its illegal war against ukraine. and i, what, what really struck me was the double standard that we see here. so as of course, autocrats are very, very closely watching what israel is doing and gaza at the moment. and what we're seeing is that there is this clear double standard at stake, where, when it's in the interest of the united states and other western allies, owings oak international law, when it's not in their interest, still clearly violated international law course. interestingly, you know, out of the ashes of the 2 world wars arose, this notion that there is a need for a rules based international order, a one a that was and is led by the us. so how much of a blow would you say is the war on a gaza, a to the rules based or order a f i c, or that the international order that was put in place after world war 2 is falling

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apart? so, you know, i looked at the statements that the white house put out earlier today where they said the, the invasion of normandy, indeed a in the defeats of nazi is um, set the foundations for and during peace. that still helps guide international cooperation in affairs today. that's true, but it's only really true to to an extent it's very much selective. it's very much about enforcing international law in a way that needs us and other western allies interest. and it's very, very clear, the exceptions will be made when it's in the interest of the western powers and what israel is doing and has been doing since october 7th is clearly in strong violation of international law. of the conventions of genocide geneva conventions about the pursuit of war and the international uh, bodies that are there to help enforce these laws are really quite powerless in large part because of western opposition. mm hm. now, um,

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i mean this has triggered a major crisis um and it, is it too soon to right off the rules based order. i mean, there are some that are that argue that, you know, this is still a work in progress. might be in perfect, but you know, what else have we got been for the more than 36000 palestinians who have already been murdered by israel since october 7th. it's clear this order has already failed and perhaps, or they'll be possibilities to restore it or just strengthen it. but in the meantime, palestinians are paying is very, very heavy price for this double standard. all right, barrier trachtenberg or we're in presidential chair of jewish history at weight universe and wake forest university talking to us. thank you. thank you. of the 2 newly

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elected indian m. p 's will be serving their constituents from jail at a time to a sick separatist and a former state legislator in indian administered cashmere or among the winners of an election that's for still governing b. j. p. to see coalition partners, the indian government has failed to get a visas to alger 0 is correspondence to cover the story. so we're covering the election from outside the country. bernard smith's reports giving thanks to his sons election to parliament task, them saying now once the indian government to free, i'm repulsing, seek separate his leader in jail since last year. i need you to have it available just as people don't have a feeling of separatism, but these narratives are being create that also when you don't do justice and don't treat everyone, the rights pushes them to feel separate. the thing was arrested after he and hundreds of support has stormed the police station on with swords and firearms,

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demanding the release of an aide is come. paying focused on tackling the drug problem and punjab states. i'm protecting c chi density in hindu majority. india and neighboring india administered catch me. it was a some being phases for the election of his father, rashid ahmed. my deposit as it was in the might of us. we didn't have any resources, we wouldn't have organized, we but we don't have any party workers or money. but when we've been taught for election campaign that you had showed over what i mean, support for us, it's because of them that this victory has become possible. rescued ahmed has been in jail since 2019 when he was arrested on charges. terror funding. it followed the indian government's decision to revoke the limited autonomy of muslim majority cache. india is a full issue. the j be saw to the out the cost was stamps. and push it into my daughter stadium. you know,

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people in india heavy check or deck motion the b j b is still the largest party empowerment, but without an overall majority, it's unfortunate that people who would charge it so let's see this. so fences have been voted, but well that's definitely my date of the people. but the mandate of the people does not interfere with the last line. that mandate means prime minister and the render moody will for the 1st time have to find coalition partners to form a government funded smith alger 0 and still have here on al, jazeera, measuring, and monitoring child poverty. and you take a look at how the un children's agency usaa is using new data to try and, and hunger and mel nutrition, tornadoes and slides cause widespread destruction in south africa's east coast.

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hundreds left homeless and can involve a is on target for friends as they continue their build up to the european championships that's coming up as for the switch heater, the to be surprised to find this time of year declared tom, you've got to the pacific produce a shaft over the and the some that they are running all the way up to all the santiago or incentives be the biggest showers. they're mostly of right. and you'll know it's not quite cold enough for snow. and then the layer of this argentine is supposed to be dry, as indeed now is your current product, right? most of the size of brazil, this still may be flooding on the ground, right? because the legacy that nothing coming out of the sky anymore, the seasonal right instead of north, of course it is, is more or less moved out of eco, don't i. but it's given funding recently in columbia and it could do the same again

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. these are the big shows, moving up to us panama and costa rica. now it's been holt for the last couple of months. so i have to say for a good part of mexico central america, another. this writing these kinds of seats so that you start to be as hard to you, but mix good itself is dried at least february month to raise about $36.00 degrees . know these big shelves the great around cities and pressure eco westwards to was jamaica and running given to us the south of florida including cuba and the came and how's that? those could be big channels as well. but the biggest articles in the us and maryland recently reported a toner they were running so many could well be on this line to try. we seen yet more big thunderstorms in the northeast, but very few further sir. he says he went to vote on syria to provide a 27 year old activists of healthcare survey testing, working as it didn't start with nursing. the eyes of his government with my

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citizenship was to help. i was surprised in the 1st part of the ceiling. we fully restored you to push the shape worker because he confronts the news, the fees, citizenship verification. i only want my citizenship fact if i'm proven in a sense, i don't want to, we don't have to click on the state list in syria on tuesday. we're getting close to the people most affected by those in powers of the st. louis, but it's absolutely vital with the stories and control. plus aside in this area, we pushed the fall forward as we can to the front line. now, the smells of the power of the stories that we cover a highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given chrisy. so issue, as always, is there a correspondence? that's what we strive to do of the

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the, you're watching out a 0 reminder about top stories this hour. as rarely forces have formed a un school and a residential building in the annual site, a refugee camp and central garza killing at least 40 people ahead of the u. an agency for palestinian refugees to 6000 forcibly displaced people for sheltering in the school. when it was hits without any warning, how the us, so 16 other countries of issued a joint statements urgent israel animals to reach a ceasefire and gossip. the proposal would also secure the release of captives held things also, as rarely. troops have killed at least 2 palestinians during a read on the janine refugee camp and the occupied west. back at least 7 palestinians have been injured. spain says it will join south

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africa's genocide case against israel as the international court of justice. it was announced by the spanish foreign minister, jose manuel about us. spain will be the 2nd european country after ireland to join the case. it has also been backed by chile and mexico so fast that has more from the hague, some of the business. a significant develop button says fane, of course being an important member of the european union. joining this landmark, genocide case against is for al, filed by south africa. and remember, 2 weeks ago we had a very important ruling by this court saying that the israel should stop. it's a military operation. and rough find also a prevent any other potential genocide on x. now space, as israel has clearly not complied with this and now has decided to joining the

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case to put pressure. uh, also to make sure that this uh, orders which is which are binding that they will be implemented. so it's a very major diplomatic blow again for israel, but it also strength in this case, we're also address. uh, you mentioned the island but also out of mexico columbia for example, palestine itself has also as to intervene. mix of course, this case a lot more powerful because as they have no way of enforcing any of these orders because they have no police force, but they will be found on diplomatic pressure and a for us spain joining the case will definitely increase this pressure as well, to sit down now we're one of so don, civil resistance committees says more than 100 people have been killed by the parent military rapids support forces. they say the attack happened in the web and nora village inches 0 state and came into waves. their committee assured video of

6:35 pm

bodies in the public square. it says it's still waiting for the final number of dead and injured. but it is, but it's but is calling it's a massacre. it also says, r. s. s. fighters lute at the village, and many women and children sled the area. and there's also been further fighting between so don's army and the rapids support forces in the western city of f. asher . both sides are using heavy weapons and artillery violence erupt as their in mid may. and the city serves as a hub for humanitarian operations. garza fighters in the army have been at war since april last year. the and turn is here now on the search, and doha is where the, the medieval or president of this, or don policy for him. i think tank focusing on governance and international relations. well, even the people welcome that to alger 0. very disturbing news coming out of to don

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this attack. by the rapids, the paramilitary a rabbit support forces on a village that left 100 civilians killed. this is a very unfortunate incident. however, we need to look at the picture. a lot of the, the routing don't to, has failed to completely suppress that. a 1000000000. and as a result, it's capitalizing very much on the civil war as the laws that he's or by which a gun combat the rebellion. and in a way, influence the beginning of the days to that miss to day or uh, to the, to the, to me of a fall on the, the, the, this is a girl that was at a, again, is the audio. if the, the soft, the, the routing don't that the r b itself is

6:37 pm

a mobilizing civilians and using same to combat the audits if, because simply the soft doesn't have a name, friend 3, they don't, but i print the hardest one, distinguish me, trained competence and, and civilians, i mean the pro democracy activists. they shared photos of does as a bodies wrapped ready for burial. and most of them were women, children, and the elderly. i mean, how are those combatants actually as a matter of fact uh, some security issues. i mean the, the, the adults with a, again, it's obvious if from among the use, the started this kid machine again, is the oddest. if an, as it is all the others of 3 times, the disproportionately as and i said his last, we are having these and a very and i mean very sad incident happening and disadvantaged me on the side. it's, it's, you know, acting with impunity targeting civilians. and i understand this isn't the 1st time

6:38 pm

that the, our staff has laid siege and attacked an entire village and see both the army and holidays if the using the civilians as uh you know, as a human shield and associate for example, uh the army itself is using drones and uh, dropping some bumps in uh, civilian villages and destroying uh hospitals and his schools on a different 8 a been a facilities. and uh like why is the audit if is uh, looking into areas in which there are some, uh, so close to that uh is let me see they, they, they can see that the whole village as it targets and that, so they are wrong guy was the odd as if i'm the self out role in using these people as human shows are wrong and, and, and um,

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i mean both acting with impunity and it's, it's, it's just, you know, says the start of this war is just so difficult to, to see what is the objective here, there is no that there is no political objective. i mean, behind himself, the president of the country is in the position of 19 yeah, he's not good at holding the world all going into peace. so he doesn't have any political objective. and as a result, we are a but we are being pulled more and more into these axes of even because he's using he's, it is or think to what i show. he said resorting to eval on. but the bottom line is he doesn't have an in front of the if you have all the, all of the atm thoughts is your comment when a ward was always having an infant, the growling. yeah, but both sides. i mean, both are virtually duking it out. yes. i mean, yeah, but at the expense of the people that god yeah, at what cost,

6:40 pm

the cost of displacing people uh, having them being kills. and uh and uh, if you look at the younger generations, they are losing hope in the future. so we are to get for dies in the future of younger generations. and this is very serious, very, very serious. first, very, very tragic for the people of so don where the, the, for the, the presence of the suit on policy for him. so thank you for coming on. thank you. and at least the 4 children have been killed in a bus crash and syria. the bus was on a school trip when the driver, a loss control the vehicle, fell down a back into a river in the north western. it lived region and some survivors have been taken to the hospital and the rescue operation is ongoing for you and children. agency unit stuff is measuring child food poverty, and that's an estimate of how nutritious and diverse

6:41 pm

a child's food should be. it measures 3 categories, 5 or more food groups is above the threshold. but if a child is only eating from 4 food groups or fewer, they're living in moderate food poverty. and if they only have access to, to food groups or fewer, their severe food problems, poverty or just have says $1.00 and $4.00 of the world's children under the age of 5 are living in severe food property and half of the world's children are experiencing food poverty overall of the report says, household income is not the only factor that leads to severe food poverty. children from so called non poor households can also be affected to. and alexandra versus houser, pereira is head of nutrition as for action against hunger, u. k. and she says the word ukraine is putting further pressure on food prices. let me pull up. the data comes from $130.00 countries. so it's, it's a, it's

6:42 pm

a repo that has been done. we've extensive of the time. you have to, to come in a unit on the, on the credit to you all the data useful to the report. because usually the, the, the data more reporting on the origin of since i am after job. so says yeah, which of the most affected regions of the world with a charge for the team. so they haven't got to do an engineer let you know, marry jobs, asia of the most. and they, oh, so the data from which we are the countries from which we have more data. unfortunately, very often we like a lot of data on that on child's nutrition. tag conditions that is in that, in europe or for the next stage. so there are uh, zillow factors, uh, the, you know, the crisis in your brain as well as we know as, as 3 buttons. the prices of the food of main staple showed up as well. that,

6:43 pm

that'd be the factor we have still facing the consequences of the 19 to be, to make as well on how it has affected health systems as well. in, in countries where there was already a franchise health system. and then a time it's kind of chucks conflicts that also impass of parents do have access to the right to the need for their children's are a very important factors that the advice to put to, to and to south africa. now where the governing amc party is holding talks to form a government after losing is parliamentary majority in last week's election, while the se, it has been in power since the end of a par types 30 years ago. but it has never had to govern with the coalition governments. it says that it has reached out to all parties and negotiations are on growing the flavor of all engagement with what did you get to parties and

6:44 pm

we have engaged with everybody and was didn't talking to giving us even small appliances because we want to print every $41.00 because of the guns what as to where to get up for the sake and we have set as the amc would. but i would advise that people we don't want in stability to and south africa has been experiencing severe weather and widespread flooding in recent days. at least 21 people have died and hundreds are homeless authorities. and because we wanna, tall province declared a state of alerts after tornadoes swept through from you to miller has more or the is this is of a don't go. it is a tomatoes, a driver kept is a tomato building up in south africa's kazoo natal province. by the time many could seek shelter. it is too late. areas like this has been devastated. the high winds and torrential rains, flattened homes and flooded roads. at least

6:45 pm

a 120 people have lost their homes. 11 others have been killed. thirties have declared a state of alert. i see now who would never mind. we don't have any food because it's all with all our belongings, with our ideas, all onto the rubble and we're still searching. we literally have nothing we played with those who can help to come forward and risk us. the level of the rooms have been destroyed. that means my tenants don't have a place to stay and now i have to try and get them a place to stay and have my house repaired. and i do not have that much money to do that. i survive because of my tenants and there are only 2 of them. you know, not in some areas work is being done to restore war to electricity. supply of the power lines were damaged 2 years ago, doubling and it's a rounding areas with the size of the was flooding. and so last week is history killing more than 400 people. at least 10 people have died now in the neighboring east. some k province with has been extensive flooding and more than 2000 people

6:46 pm

have been forced to leave nelson mandela bay. with a service to save the heavy rains and cold are likely to bring hail snow and most from winds issued a warning into other provinces. because more bad weather is expected to meet them alone, i'll g 0 as i still have here on algae 0, an incidence that affects the full full race in the south eastern france on thursday. details coming up in your sports with peter. the business latest is sponsored by intellect. tuck, he's real estate consultant. the

6:47 pm

base initial agents to be sponsored by intellect. tuck, he's real estate consultant. the

6:48 pm

had a seminar for your sports. here's peter. thank you very much. you can see on take remains web on coast for full friendship and silent food in a row as the world level one defeated. coca golf in the semi finals she don't think was looking to be her opponent for the food you in a row in paris to break the food and the 1st phase. so in 6 to scuffle is upset by coal made in the 2nd sites the on pi over to the a line. just cool. introduce between 0 to excuse. and that split the will. number 3, on a re break of suv against the on say let's see on sex, run and get us dominance continues. 20 straight winds and another straight. so typically for the pole we will face a jasmine appoline near on the eva in the final yeah, for sure. you wasn't task um and the 2nd says kind of ties because we were breaking each other. but i'm happy that i just, you know,

6:49 pm

was consistent with my tactics and the over things stuff and just went for the dns 20 volt on grand slam check below that, you all could, which says surgery on his right. and he went, well, if he pulled out of the french open jargon beach posted a picture of himself on crutches having had an operation in paris on wednesday it's, i'm clear how long he's recovery will take with the next grand slam of the season window than beginning on the 1st of july, i looked on his vetted remains on target for his 1st grandson's side to professional, to reach him to send me fine and so forth straight. so i'm in paris. the gentleman beats alex, them and strikes. it's in just under 3 hours. you'll face to so i'm runner up, casper rude. who was meant to play talking beach in the quotes is that it is on 10 live in match, winning street 72, his semi final on friday. but he has lost his last 2 matches against the roof, including a semi final encounter ad road and get off last year. english premium. the clubs

6:50 pm

have voted to keep a video of assistant referee o v a. or for the next season. the 20 top flight clubs took part in the annual general meeting on thursday and decided against scrapping v a r, which has been responsible for a series of controversies since its implementation at the start of the 2019 season floods have been state decided if needs improvements, are they is the full schedule of world cup qualifies, coming up on thursday in asia, africa, and the north america and caribbean regions among those inaction of egypt and the top of the table. cash with between a fast. so in group a stop and how much cetera was almost unrecognizable as he debuted a new hate cutting training ahead of the game. egypt have one both a qualifying matches cellphone without conceding a go to europe and championships the same just over a week. fonts have continued their preparations for the 3 know when of a luxembourg. kidding, a buffet itself, randall color maloney who hated in the open in before. so providing the assessors

6:51 pm

for jonathan across to got from some 2nd buffet and school number 3 himself. phones people say euro campaign against australia. australia is cricket, is that opened a t 20 woke up campaign with a victory over a month? i think i have coming to eddie, warbling barbados. glenn maxwell was out cold. sony's 1st bull lenderstrategy a found themselves on $50.00 to $3.00, but in came august owing us to posted with david warner to rebuild the australian endings, the pay adding $102.00 runs of $64.00 bones. as they say, the amount of target of $165.00 victory a monday they base the young con, top scoring was $36.00. but still owing us 63 wickets to kingship. 39 run, waiting for the aussies. you gain to pick up a 1st when that a t 20 will cap. there be tons be pop out and you do need dismissing their opponents full $77.00,

6:52 pm

but p and cheese boat is 4 back with you get in trouble at $26.00 for 5. do you have thoughts? alisha, one of the rising stars mates 33 of 56 before being cooled with you can to 3 runs away from victory. they got out of the line anyway, winning by 3 wickets with just 10 bowls to split but india is match against island was at one side of the fate captain row. it's showing that he's 52. it's a leading team to an age we could win. although he was forced to retire early with a shoulder injury and that will be a concern for the rest of the tournaments, especially as they next matches the big one against pucky stone in new york on sunday. we just hours away from game one of the seasons in b, a finals game, one between the boston celtics and the dallas mavericks. the southwick's last one to 5 mean 2008, but they've lost just 2 games in the playoffs this post season. and they'll have to

6:53 pm

step supposing gets back in the lineup. but laughing hasn't played since the end of april after picking up a called string. but late then he'll make is for to guess the form a team, the metrics dallas god car we only thing is also set to make of a ton of salts to his full my home quotes in boston. everything says he has no fear playing against these form a celtic teammates, having spent 2 seasons, they, even though he's previously faced moves from the boston fence, there's no fear out here, man. his basketball, the fans are going to say what they're going to say. i appreciate them and, and their relationship. they have to the game, but it's about the players at the end of the day. oh, planning is my former brothers. yeah. no, i'm excited. they, they've gotten a tremendously better. they've led their team to this point. so i'm proud of them and i'm looking forward to the competition because this is what we've all strive for since we were to, to, is to be at this level planning as the best the best. and there's been a huge crash at the criteria and adults and a cycle racing phones remco event pool,

6:54 pm

one of the favorites for the upcoming to the funds. and pre most federal glitch with 2 of the right is taken down on a wick road on stage 5. organizers decided to cancel the stage because of a shortage of ambulances to attend the injured ride in summer. or that's what we're supposed to use for the time being. i'll be here again later with another update layla, thanks so much for your greatly appreciate it. thank you. and we turn our focus no to indonesia, which has in post the highest alert level on an island. after the mount a boo volcano erupted twice on thursday. several villages of any evacuated and thousands of people are now living in temporary shelters, or in a below reports from west home, or hara social workers are keeping these children entertained to help them cope with their time away from home. for 3 weeks now, they've been living and make ship shelters,

6:55 pm

to protect them from the near daily eruptions of mountain people in the remote, how the have a region of indonesia, these children witness direction and our tool ma times. so i'm still cry because your scale, government bulk and i'll just say mount e. b was due to a rock after being relatively connected for time. at least half a dozen other volcanoes from the pacific bring a fire. mostly in indonesia are also interrupting muscular thing when when he eat mutual, k no are up to its own time. some are up in 4 years. others almost every day because indonesia has more than a 100. it's normal to have around $5.00 to $6.00, interrupting ok. nose a really year. but for more than 2600 people forced to plead their holes near mount people having to share space with hundreds of other people is anything but normal. authorities work quick to set up evacuations, hands like this, and people living near the news that they needed to leave their homes. it's a reality for them. the cost of spread up

6:56 pm

a volcanic eruption that doesn't make it easier, even though they're being fed. these a poor living conditions are taking a toll, and despite being away from the danger zone, there aren't far lot. falling ash is still causing health problems. i've been coughing for the past 3 days. i have chest pain, so fraud and almost lost now was it as well? people continues to show sights of for the rest, this growing concerned for their livelihoods and economic future. some are defined warnings and taking risk in order to make ends meet. picking not mix implementations around the volcano, and i need money to send my daughter to college. i'm resting my life, but i have no other way to make money. as a humanitarian crisis, stretch all those affected are having to make more difficult choices between their safety and survival. finally, below l. g 0, west palmera, indonesia,

6:57 pm

a chinese space craft carrying samples from the far side of the moon is on his way back to earth. journey 6 landed on the moon on sunday, on the side which permanently faces away from the earth. it's only the 2nd proof to have done that after another chinese mission. 5 years ago. journey scooped up a sample of moon dust and is expected to be back on or within a month. us as space as giant star ship rockets successfully last for the 1st time ever were turned from space starship reached the space and then survived the heat of re entry before a landing of the indian ocean as planned. it's the largest and most powerful rock it's system ever built one that's a hopes it will be a re re usable vehicle for sending astronauts back to the moon. great stuff. i'll be back with more news in just a moment. the

6:58 pm

before the war, 8000 patients cross the alpha and beta noun crossings every month to receive treatment abroad. that number has dwindled to less than $5000.00 evacuated and 7 months of conflict. pushing through the pain 11 year old doreen by a can finally walk again. dream couldn't move her legs after an air straight killed 60 members of her family and gaza on chest. good, good. i thought i'd have to stay for more than a year in the wheelchair. i was asking my aunt if i'd be paralyzed forever. this facility was filled with a 22 world cup. now it's been turned into a place with 500 patients receive treatment, education and psychological support. what the doctor, even when i had this is tina i met between the moment i got injured and now i've had around 61 surgeries. it could be weeks before anyone can be safely evacuated

6:59 pm

again and get the rare opportunity to receive treatment outside of the war zone. to understand the world, we must experience life through not the size, the discover, the stories forgotten. we spent a note in the past due to the voices drowned out by the stove and read the witness documentary. we done veiled the truth and changed it to 0. unique perspective. a deep fake image of donald trump with flood folders to try to win over black voters. these aren't real, but the harm is incredibly real. it on hud voices. it's our responsibility to make sure that future generations are not lied to connect with our community and tap into conversations you weren't find elsewhere. young americans, in particular, have been extremely critical of the united states as role in the way the stream on

7:00 pm

al jazeera is the is rarely forces bombing un school in central gone. so we're palestinians, we're seeking refuge. at least 40 people have been killed the rock, this is all to 0 live from bill ha. also coming up for us and 16 other countries issue a joint statement urging israel and him off to reach a ceasefire in garza and more than 100 people killed as to dogs, elisha's.

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